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Designated Safeguarding Lead Bundle

Starting at: £300 ex vat

Designated Safeguarding Lead Bundle

This Special Bundle includes:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) One Day Course
Child Protection Awareness Online Course
Child Protection Advanced Online Course
Safer Recruitment Online Course
Safe Working Practice Online Course

You can choose a date / location suitable  to you to attend the Designated Safeguarding Lead one-day course (click here to view dates/locations). You also get access to the Child Protection Awareness , Advanced Online Course, the Safer Recruitment online course and Safe Working Practice Online Course.  This Special Safeguarding Bundle has a saving of £20.00+vat if booked together instead of separately;

Who is the course suitable for?
The Course is suitable for managers, bursars, governors, senior staff, those responsible for safeguarding children (designated person) within their organisation and/or for recruiting staff and volunteers safely.

This Course is Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 Updated, Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020) Guidance and is in Line with the New Ofsted Inspection Framework

Course Programme

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) One Day Course (10am - 4pm)
Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) places a duty on all employers to ensure that their staff are competent and confident in carrying out their responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting children’s and young people’s welfare.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) - Level 3 One Day Course. In Line with the new Working Together to Safeguard Children July 2018 and the Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020)

Every Organisation is required to have at least one Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

The course will enable those whose work brings them into contact with children and families to understand what to do when they have a concern about a child’s welfare know how to work as part of a multi-agency or multi-disciplinary team be clear about roles and responsibilities understand statutory requirements and how to apply them.

The Second part of this course is achieved by accessing our online courses:

  1. Child Protection Awareness Online Course
  2. Child Protection Advanced Online Course,
  3. Safer Recruitment Online Course,
  4. Safe Working Practice Online Course.


Child Protection Awareness Online Course 

This E-Learning program is an introduction to Child Protection Awareness / Safeguarding Children course provides a thorough overview of your child protection responsibilities to help you feel more confident in recognising the signs of child abuse, reporting your concerns and ensuring that the welfare of children remains at the central focus of your work activities.

Child Protection Advanced Online Course
This short E-Learning programme is designed for anyone who comes into contact with children through their work or leisure activities and aims to provide a practical awareness of the issues relating to the protection of children. This is achieved through exploring the concepts of child vulnerability, child protection and significant harm. Building on these concepts the issue of child abuse is explored through focusing on the four main forms of abuse and bullying. There is an examination of the law that underpins child protection and the responsibility in relation to handling the disclosure of abuse by children.

Safer Recruitment Online Course
This E-Learning course on safer recruitment training is designed to help those who work with children and families to actively try to protect their welfare when selecting new people for the workforce.

Safe Working Practice Online Course
The starting point for this module is to look at why you need to undertake training on the protection of children and young people. All adults who come into contact with children in their work have a duty of care to safeguard and promote their welfare. Practitioners have a key role in shaping the futures of young people. The vast majority of adults working with young children act professionally to provide a safe and supportive environment. However, in this area of work, tensions and misunderstandings can also occur.

How it works
You will be able to access each course online separately at your own pace, each Course has several modules

Beginning with Module 1, read through each module carefully, and at your own pace, ensuring that you have understood and absorbed its content. On completing a module, you will attempt to answer the corresponding questionnaire for that module.

Each questionnaire is presented in a multiple-choice format; simply select the answer you believe is correct and click on the ‘Next’ button to continue onto the next question.

Your score for each questionnaire appears as soon as you have completed the last question, you need to achieve an overall pass rate of 70% to obtain a certificate of completion.

You have 1 attempt to pass each questionnaire; if you fail to reach an overall pass rate of 70% you will need to repeat the programme again (at an extra cost to you) in order to receive your course certificate.

To complete the programme, you must work through all the modules (i.e. open each page), as well as attain the pass criteria for that programme. You may exit the programme and return later, when you log back in the programme, you will automatically be returned to the place you left off.

On completion / Passing of the programme, you will be able to return to your account and download and then print your course certificate automatically you will also be sent an email confirming your pass or failure status, along with appropriate instructions as to what to do next.

In this programme we use children and young people interchangeably. There are variations in terminology, legislation, guidance and practice relating to child protection in the different nations of the UK. However, the principles are broadly the same and this programme is intended to be relevant to all those whose work (paid or unpaid) brings them into contact with children and young people.

Technical requirements
Our online courses will work in most web browsers, although we recommend that you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or the Child Protection Training UK App. We recommend installing the latest version of your web browser before beginning your course.



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