School safety experiences of high school youth across sexual orientation and gender identity.

Authors: Brittanie Atteberry-Ash, Shanna K. Kattari, Stephanie Rachel Speer, Samantha Guz and Leo Kattari
Format: Article
Summary: Examines the differential experiences of school safety when looking at the various intersections of sexual orientation and gender identity using the 2015 Healthy Kids Colorado Study of 11,986 secondary school students. Findings highlight that feeling safe at school, bullying and skipping school due to feeling unsafe are shared experiences, especially among lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgender young people, and these experiences are differentially based on the intersection of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Journal: Children and Youth Services Review (Vol.104), September 2019, pp 1-8 [104403]
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Serious youth violence and knife crime.

Authors: Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS)
Format: Online report
Summary: Discusses serious youth violence and knife crime among 11-24 year olds in the UK. Acknowledges that this can be associated with gang involvement and criminal exploitation, but not always. Looks at current responses to harm and risk and what is missing from these responses. Calls on the government to reinforce the importance of treating serious youth violence and knife crime as a child protection concern.
Publication details: Manchester: Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS), 2019
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Disclosure and Barring Service: guidance for children’s social care providers and managers.

Authors: OFSTED
Format: Digital media
Summary: Sets out the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks children’s social care providers and managers will need to have in place and how Ofsted will check the use of DBS checks and certificates on inspection.
Publication details: London: HM Government, 2019
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Bullying in residential care for children: qualitative findings from five European countries.

Authors: Angela Mazzone, Annalaura Nocentini and Ersilia Menesini
Format: Article
Summary: Investigates the perspectives of 123 children in care and 95 staff members about bullying in residential care settings in five European countries (Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy and Romania). Finds participants were not aware of the specific features of bullying, thought it was normative behaviour and were reluctant to ask for adults’ help. Staff members attributed bullying to children’s traumatic experiences and to a need for adult attention. Highlights a lack of standardised protocols and professional training to tackle bullying.
Journal: Children and Youth Services Review (Vol.100), May 2019, pp 451-460
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Response and interventions into harmful sexual behaviour in schools.

Authors: Jenny Lloyd
Format: Article
Summary: Investigates the enablers and barriers to preventing and responding to harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) in schools in England. Discusses the whole-school approach to prevention programmes as well as contextual safeguarding. Carries out research across seven schools in England using focus groups, observations and reviews of policy and procedure documents as well as behaviour incident logs. Outlines nine factors which contribute to enabling and barring effective responses and interventions to HSB in schools.
Journal: Child Abuse and Neglect (Vol.94), August 2019, pp 1-13 [104037]
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